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Poland: twoznia
You can contact the local representative in their native language.

Slovak:   domi77
Czech:   ludolf & stan67
Spanish:   kaitana
Hebrew:   hagitm
Dutch:   dreamtheater & Jeltje
Russian:   m2k3d0n & Irin4ik
Swedish:   tiptop08 & zandy & Nightveil
Finnish:   ElinaMaria & kaukahiiri & obg80
French:   Guigui
Portuguese:   andrebecker & Palestrina &
Turkish:   battlehymn
Polish:   Melizabeth & Szczep
German:   bullfrosch & elmyr & KarinKnipping & Top-Secret & zettdrei & baerchenssun
Slovenian:   op1
Danish:   Cthulhu & mayanas & MetteMG
Greek:   agathakam
Italian:   cesco75 & pollon74
Japanese:   Milos
Chinese:   Power800
Yiddish:   eyalet
Hungarian:   BoZso & Ilus
Romanian:   serbanp
We look for volunteers who can translate English into other languages. You don't need to know anything about programming or web site building; everything is done online, through the web. If you can assist us, please contact

Kiddlers Team
ArizGal, barbara, chefmomster2, MichaelaBender, patt, spidey, tlym

Forum Moderators
chefmomster2, domi77, dreamtheater, elimaor, ElinaMaria, Jeltje, sslug

Chat Moderators
Jeltje, knocka, sslug, tj170

Other People
Also helped us: astrid, AydaN, dafni, DeSangre, DNA, ineska007, jude, justinxnitsuj, JynxsMom, klarag, Lazycat, maristone, Michey, mpir, powsinoga, puzzeltje, sablett, sandyeggan, sasha23, rengaw, roeem, wiggles
We want to express our deep gratitude to x22 who created incredible validators for griddlers and triddlers.
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