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G-Match - Help

The G-Match tournament is a series of matches held on Saturdays. Each match takes place at a different hour of the day, until we complete 24 rounds around-the-clock.

A match can have 8 or more puzzles. Most of them are easy enough for anyone to solve. Puzzles are released by the system and published online in different modes: one-by-one every 5-10 minutes; all at once; several puzzles at different times.

A match usually takes one hour. Some matches are more challenging and take longer.

Where are the G-Match puzzles?
You can solve the G-Match puzzles through the web and/or the iGridd applet.

If you use the web - open the G-Match page from the menu.
As mentioned above, puzzles can be released in several groups. Therefore, when we play you will need to refresh that page to get a list of new G-Match puzzles. Please note that some of last week’s puzzles might still be on the list.

If you use the iGridd applet - open the G-Match category and use the Reload until the new puzzles show up.

G-Match puzzles require a password to open the puzzle window. The password is given in the chat room a few minutes before the match begins. As long as the match runs the password appears in the chat's header as seen in this picture:

Passwords are case sensitive. Copy the word accurately and make sure you don't have a space at the end of it. You can use Ctrl-C to copy the password and Ctrl-V to paste it. These shortcut keys are available in the iGridd applet as well.

After 12 hours the G-Match puzzles are solvable without a password.

Can't get into the chat?
Users who can't get into the chat due to technical problems can still play the G-Match.

When the match begins, a short list of the players appears in the middle of the chat page. You can send a message to one (or more) of those players. They will be happy to send you back a message with the password.

The G-Match passwords are also published in twitter. Set a twitter account, Follow us on Twitter, and get the passwords yourself.

Secret Messages
The G-Match has another level of difficulty and interest. Some puzzles have a Secret Message which you need to reveal in order to proceed the match.

Puzzles with a secret message are tagged with an icon of an envelope and a key: Get Secret. Secret messages are readable only after solving the puzzles.

You can test a secret message by solving puzzle 48148: Minimalism: Dragonfly.

When is the next G-Match?
You need to watch the Site News in order to know when the next match is played.

The times are given in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). The clock doesn't change in summer or winter. The site shows the GMT date and time on the top right side of every page. You can compare it to you local time to find out the right hour for the match.

Position in Puzzles
On the G-Match page, the Top Players links below the puzzles show the names of the first 200 users who solved the puzzle.

Solving time in Top Players Lists
The time is counted from the moment the puzzle was released to the moment you solved the puzzle. For example: If you started to solve a puzzle 2:00 minutes after the release, and if it took you 2:30 minutes to solve - the time you'll see is 00:04:30 (2:00+2:30 = 4:30 minutes).

You don't necessarily need to be a fast solver to play the G-Match. However, you need to be on time to gain a top position.

Important note: Once you solved a G-Match puzzle - don't solve it again until the tournament is over. If you solve a G-Match puzzle for a second time, the date-stamp of your solving record is changed and your score and position is changed accordingly.

How are the points calculated?
The 1st player who solved the puzzle gets 200 points.
The 2nd player - 199 points.
The 199th player - 2 points.
The 200th player - 1 point.

The more matches you attend - the more points you get.

Top Players in the World and by Country
The sum of every player's points appears in the G-Match Top Players page.

The page shows the total score and position of all matches and of each match separately. It also shows the score and position of each match and all matches by countries.

If you are one of the Top 200 Players in the world and/or one of the Top 3 Players in your country - the credit of your score appears in your Profile Page.

Top Players also get the G-Match trophy in the Who's Online list.

The First, Second, and Third Place winners in the world and in each country get a Certificate of Achievement.

If you are one of the first/second/third winners, go to your Profile page, look at the Certificate section, and click on the G-Match winner certificate icon to get your certificate.

Looking forward to meeting you in our next match! :-)

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