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Try our paint-by-number logic puzzles before you join in.
Learn the puzzle basics.
View a demo of a simple puzzle being solved.
Simple black & white puzzles
Minimalism: Camel Size: 5x5x2
View the Solution
Ghost Size: 10x10x2
View the Solution
Airplane Size: 15x10x2
View the Solution
Puff-Puff Size: 15x15x2
View the Solution
Warrior Size: 20x20x2
View the Solution
Adding colors
Turtle Size: 5x5x3
Doggy Watching a Fly by Its Nose Size: 10x10x3
Fish Size: 15x10x4
Seahorse Size: 15x15x4
Wake Up! Size: 20x20x5
A bit harder
Baby Elephant Size: 15x15x2
Orange Flower Size: 20x20x6
Owl Size: 20x25x2
Elephant Size: 25x25x2
Pear Size: 25x25x5
Tough puzzles
Snow White Size: 20x20x7
Flower Size: 25x25x6
Daffy Duck Size: 25x30x2
Eagle Size: 30x30x3
Teddy Bear Size: 30x30x2
If you decide these puzzles are for you, Register in order to solve thousands of puzzles, save while solving, get personal statistics, and enjoy advanced tools.
You will be joining not just a fun and challenging game website, but also a welcoming international community of people who are devoted to these puzzles.
As a member you will be able to create your own puzzles in the workshop, give your thoughts in our forum, and participate in Team meetings.
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