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The Griddlers Solving Window

(Click on a number to go directly to information about that item.)
The Clues
Each clue indicates a group of contiguous squares of like color.
The Background Color
Between each group of like color there is at least one empty square (background color).
The Puzzle Area
Left/Right click on a clue - selects colors to the Left/Right mouse button.
Left/Right click in the grid - places the selected color.
Middle mouse click - places "?" (empties the grid cell).
Shift+Left click - places a circle on a clue.
Shift+Right click - removes the circle.
Drag+Shift Left/Right click - places/removes several circles.
Shift+Right click - places a circle on a square in the grid.
Shift+Middle mouse button - places "X" on the grid.
Shift+Left click - removes the circle and/or the "X".
Drag+Shift Right/Middle/Left click - places/removes several circles and or "X".
ALT+Drag diagonally Left/Right click - fills rectangular areas with the selected color.

Backspace - undo 1 to 1000 steps back.
The Info Bar

The Info Bar shows the puzzle ID, its description, and the Time of solving.
The Toolbar
Markers to Left/Right mouse buttons.
The Markers indicate the colors of your Left and Right Mouse Buttons.

If you Left-Click on a clue - the Left Marker will change to the color that you clicked on. The same happens with the Right Marker if you Right-Click on a clue.

In 2-color puzzles the Left Button designates the Clues and the Right Button designates the Background as the default.
Use the Zoom In/Out buttons to enlarge or reduce the size of the puzzle.
Click on Grid, Grid 5 to change the hue of the grid lines.

Click on Guides (the horizontal and vertical lines that follow the mouse movement) to change their colors.

Click Save to save your puzzle while solving, or to continue working on it later.
If you want to delete a saved puzzle - click on "delete saved" in the puzzle main page.
Magnifying Clues Ruler (MCR):

Place the mouse over a cell on the grid to view the clues of the horizontal line at the top of the screen, and the clues of the vertical line at the left, as seen in the image above.

Each time you move the mouse, the ruler follows the move and shows the new horizontal/vertical clues. Reducing the size of the puzzle doesn't affect the size of the Ruler's numbers.

The Magnifying Clues Ruler is optional. You can check Hide if you don't want to use it.
You can check Pause to stop solving temporarily. The time in the Info Bar stops and clues disappear until you uncheck Pause.
The Palette Panel
A list of all the colors in use in the puzzle.
Each square is clickable and places colors in the Left/Right mouse button.

You can also select colors by using a keyboard key (1-9, a-z):
Keyboard key - places colors in the Left mouse button.
Shift+Keyboard key - places colors in the Right mouse button.
Use the number 0 for ? - clearing a colored square IN the grid and make it empty.

Test the keyboard option before you use it:
Click inside the puzzle window (color one square in the grid).
Click on the keyboard number 1 and look at the Left Marker (the square at the top-left side of the puzzle window).
Click on number 2, 3, 4... and see how the Marker changes its color.
Click Shift+1, Shift+2, Shift+3 and look how the Right Marker changes its color.
Some puzzles contain triangles clues as seen in this image.
Triangles are usually used to draw diagonal lines.

The letter t (e.g.: 20x20x2 t) tells you that the puzzle contains triangles.
The letter f (e.g.: 20x20x2 f) means that the puzzle contains only squares.

Triangle clues are keyboard selective too.
The Color Editor:
If you want to change the color of a clue - Double Click on a clue square.

If you want to change the color of the background - Double Click on the background area.

This opens a small window as seen in the picture. Move the sliders to change the color and click OK (or Cancel) to close the Edit Color window.

Refresh the puzzle page to restore the colors to the author's original selection.
The Thumbnail
This is a preview of the puzzle that you solve, while solving.

The small image is updated automatically and shows the exact image of the portion you have solved.
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