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Griddlers Tutorial - Solving Puzzles

Example 1: A Simple Puzzle
Example 2: A Triangle Puzzle
Example 3: Multi Line Solving
Example 4: Complex Logic (a)
Example 5: Complex Logic (b)
Example 6: Color Elimination
Example 7: Complex Color Logic
Example 8: More Color Logic

Example 2: Solving a Triangle Puzzle

Triangle puzzles are solved in basically the same manner as a color puzzle. Triangles can be placed right beside solid-colored squares and differently rotated triangles. No background square is required between them.

Let's look at this puzzle.
Note the first row (marked with red). The first two triangles are different, therefore they can be beside each other in the puzzle. However, the 2nd and 3rd triangle are the same. They must be separated by at least one background square. The 3rd and 4th triangles are different. They can be side-by-side also.

In the last row (marked with green), the triangles are the same. They must be separated by at least one background square.
Let's begin.

We can immediately fill in row 3.
There are 5 squares available and the clues add up to 5.
Fill in 3 squares of clue 4 in the fourth row using overlapping counting.
Since the third column is complete, fill in the background color.
Look at the triangle in the first column (circled in red). It matches this triangle clue. Therefore this triangle is the last clue and anything below it is background color.
The first column can now be completed as there are only 2 clue blocks and 2 spaces remaining.
Fill in the second and fifth columns in the same way.
Fill in with background the remaining squares in the second and fifth rows since they have all the necessary blocks.

Look at the remaining unplaced clues. We must place that triangle in the last empty square.
Insert the triangle and the image is complete!
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