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iGridd - The Ultimate Applet

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Griddlers has been our passion for many years. It has been a joy to be able to share it with people from all over the world. Now we are introducing a superior New Applet. You can read about the advantages and try it here.

Our goal is for Griddlers to continue to be the highest quality site of its kind. We have been thrilled by your response. It has remained free, because we want to share this enjoyment with everyone. But, all of this success comes at a cost.

The increased use puts a very heavy load on our server. If we want a site that performs well and can continue to grow and improve, we need to upgrade soon and this will be expensive.

Even though all the puzzles on our site are free, after considering many options we decided to make the New Applet availabe uniquely to subscribers. If you want to use it fully, you’ll need to become a subscriber.

All Griddler-lovers will be welcome on the site whether you subscribe or not. Most of the features you currently enjoy will still be available. New features will be created especially for our Subscribers.

Enjoy the New Applet and please consider helping us by becoming subscribers.

Looking forward to meeting you in our site,

Hagit and Rasto

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