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1st Griddlers International Meeting

Delft, The Netherlands
September 2-4, 2005

Friday afternoon, a few hours before the Meeting starts. When people come over from abroad, you just have to visit Kinderdijk. From left to right: Dale123, ElinaMaria, Dreamtheater, Pegberger, Domi77, Ildjarn, Jeltje

Yes, there really are windmills in the Netherlands. Lots of them!

The river Lek, just as typically Dutch as the windmills

Lunch at the riverside, Kinderdijk is behind. From left to right: Jodmie, ElinaMaria, Ildjarn, Pegberger, Dale123

The famous Townhall of Gouda in the middle of the market square

Amsterdam, the old Postoffice

Bikes along a canal, so this must be Holland

Dreamtheater, Ildjarn & Dale123 having a drink in Gouda, after we picked up a special Cake
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