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The Triddlers Solving Window

(Click on a number to go directly to information about that item.)
The Clues
Each clue indicates a group of contiguous triangles of like color.
The Background Color
Between each group of like color there is at least one empty triangle (background color).
The Puzzle Area
Left/Right-Click on a clue selects colors to the Left/Right mouse button.
Left/Right-Click in the grid places the selected color.
Click or drag the Middle Mouse Button to remove clues or background squares you placed on the grid.
Backspace - Use to undo 1 to 1000 steps back.
The Info Bar

The Info Bar shows the puzzle description, and the Time of solving.
The Menu
Select Save to save your puzzle while solving, or to continue working on it later.
If you want to delete a saved puzzle - click on "delete saved" in the puzzle main page.
Clear All - Use to clear the puzzle area completely. It'll remove all the triangles you drew on the grid and will reset the time to zero.
The Toolbar

Drag Area The Drag Area allows you to move the Bar on the screen by pressing and holding down the mouse button while moving the mouse.
You can drag the Bar out of the frame and make it a floating window. If you close the window (click on the X) the floating window goes back to its place.
You can also move it to another location on the screen (left, right, bottom).
The Markers indicate the colors of your Left and Right Mouse Buttons.

If you Left-Click on a clue - the Left Marker will change to the color that you clicked on. The same happens with the Right Marker if you Right-Click on a clue.

In 2-color puzzles the Left Button designates the Clues and the Right Button designates the Background as the default.
The Palette Panel:
This is a list of all the colors in use in the puzzle.
Each square is clickable and places colors in the Left/Right Mouse Button.

You can also select colors by using a keyboard key (1-8):
Keyboard key - Places colors in the Left mouse button.
Shift+Keyboard key - Places colors in the Right mouse button.

  is the color of the solving area. Use it to remove clues or background squares you placed on the grid.
Use the Zoom In/Out buttons to enlarge or reduce the size of the puzzle.
Change Colors:

Clue Color:
If you want to change the color of a clue - Double Click on a square (2nd - 8th) in the Palette Panel.

Background Color:
If you want to change the color of the background - Double Click on the left square in the Palette Panel.
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